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Trout Bait


I am finally back to making baits and will have available; new for the fall of 2010, a new version of the 10.5" trout bait. The same great swimming action coupled with improved darting and twitching possibilites. As always, I stand behind every one of my baits 100%. I am currently taking orders for the new version of the 11" trout, as they will be completed on a made to order basis. (please feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding delivery time).

They are still completely hand-made and painted by myself to ensure that you will be recieving a high end product to suit your specific fishing needs.


Price: $74.99

Stainless steel hardware
2/0 Owner Stinger Hooks
Premium 3D eyes
Premium paint and clear coat
Durable Lexan Tail
Custom paint available on request

Length & Weight:
10.5" in length, (5.5-8 oz dependent on sink rate)

Sink Rates:
Slow Sink - @ 6" per second
Fast Sink - @ 12" per second